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Friday, April 8, 2016 - 06:58
Two years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and invasion of the Donbas region, Ukraine remains a nation in peril. Russia considers its annexation of Crimea a fait accompli, has taken steps to consolidate its position in the Black Sea, and has created a frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine.
Friday, November 15, 2013 - 08:41
The U.S. has national interests in the region, as it supports integration on the EuP members into the greater Euro- Atlantic area. Washington has not provided sufficient support to the Vilnius process and needs to do so in the remaining two weeks.
Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 00:00
Former U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro predicts that “a deeply polarized and de-institutionalized Venezuela will be both turbulent and unstable for the foreseeable future.”
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 00:00
The return of Makled to Venezuela and the release of the IISS study are important reminders of the serious regional security threat posed by the Chavez regime, a threat the Obama Administration has routinely downplayed.
Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 00:00
The Calderon-Obama meeting will highlight a widening gap between Mexico and the U.S. Bridging it will require the two nations and their leaders to move on similar tracks.
Friday, February 11, 2011 - 00:00
Santos wants a relationship with the U.S. that is more than "drugs and thugs." The Administration's record thus far is mixed.
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 00:00
In recent conversations with Senator John McCain, Rouseff hinted at fresh readiness to reconsider purchasing Boeing's F/A 18E/F Super Hornet, especially if the U.S. can demonstrate flexibility on technology transfers.
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 00:00
The visit should signal the Obama Administration's continued commitment to securing America's southern border while moving in tandem with its threatened neighbor to curb narco-violence and drug-related terror.
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 00:00
It is not possible to prove absolutely that, of all the guns in Mexico, only the 17,000 guns I cite in my post, and no others, came from the United States
Monday, August 16, 2010 - 00:00
Colombia's new President Santos has made a bold although not risk-free effort to tackle the most pressing challenge to peace and security in South America.