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2/10/18 | Blog
U.S. Foreign Military Training to Benin, Mexico, and Ukraine Spike in 2016

The number of U.S. foreign military trainees increased substantially from 79,865 trainees in FY 2015 to 128,280 trainees in FY 2016, according to the State Department’s recent U.S. “Foreign Military Training” reports....

1/26/18 | Blog
Indonesia Requests U.S. to Reduce Limitations on U.S. Security Aid to Indonesian Special Forces Unit

Indonesian Defense Minister Ryacudu asked U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis on his recent trip to Indonesia to reduce existing Leahy Laws limitations on U.S. security aid to one of its Special Forces units, Kopassus, although it...

11/6/17 | Reports
SIGAR Quarterly Report to the United States Congress

The report states that accustomed channels of U.S. security sector assistance have been meandering and clogged and that they need more dredging and straightening in order to offer a...



1/17/18 | News
US Caught in Crossfire amid Flaring Jordan-Saudi Tensions
US security assistance to Jordan for fiscal year 2016 topped $921 million after the Global Train and Equip fund provided for UH-60 helicopters and other equipment, according to data obtained by the Security Assistance Monitor.
1/17/18 | News
US Planned Big Boost in Military Aid to Tajikistan
The newly released documents also show that in fiscal year 2016, 540 troops from Tajikistan were trained. Of those, 340 were from the National Guard, and 170 from the "MGSO." The US also spent about $4.5 million to equip counterterror and counterdrug forces in Tajikistan, under Section...
1/17/18 | News
Planned Shift on Gun Exports Kicks Up Storm
Less oversight, they warn, could make it easier for deadly weapons to end up in the hands of terrorists and drug cartels. “It’s a major change,” said Colby Goodman, director of the Security Assistance Monitor program at the Center for International Policy. “It’s opening up a lot more risk and a lot...

Upcoming Dates

02/27/18 | Event
Kenneth Wollack recently announced his retirement  from the National Democratic Institute, which will take place once a successor is in place later this year. In this armchair discussion, Mr. Wollack will share his thoughts on the progress achieved in the world in his tenure and continued...
03/06/18 | Event

USIP hosts as the World Bank Group and United Nations present their joint report on how to better prevent violent conflict.

04/19/18 | Event

The Project on U.S. Leadership in Development at CSIS will host the fourth annual Global Development Forum in spring of 2018 as a flagship event for the Chevron Forum series.