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09/11/14 | Event

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute and The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) are pleased to invite you for a discussion of challenges and opportunities for building a more peaceful society in Mexico. 

IEP's Mexico Peace Index, which ranks Mexico's 32 states on their peacefulness,...

09/03/14 to 09/04/14 | Event

The Eighteenth Annual CAF Conference is jointly sponsored by CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, the OAS, and the Inter-American Dialogue.The conference will be a timely forum for debate and discussion of the most important issues and policy choices affecting the hemisphere today.

09/03/14 to 09/04/14 | Event

Every September, the CAF development bank of Latin America, the Inter-American Dialogue, and the Organization of American States  sponsor a conference for Washington officials and opinion leaders on hemispheric affairs. Over two days of discussions, over 400 US and Latin American government...


9/2/14 | News
Fuerzas Armadas se capacitarán en ciberdefensa en Estonia
Un grupo de oficiales de las Fuerzas Militares y de Policía viajará a Estonia para cursar durante dos años una maestría en ciberdefensa en la universidad Tecnológica de Tallin, tal como informó el Ministerio de Defensa.
9/2/14 | News
Despliegan a la Gendarmería Nacional en 5 estados más
La Gendarmería Nacional desplegó agrupamientos a cinco estados del país para fortalecer el control territorial, proteger la seguridad de las personas y sus bienes, y resguardar sus fuentes de trabajo.
9/2/14 | News
Nicaragua recibe asistencia Rusa
La presencia de vehículos BMP-1 durante las ceremonias del 35 aniversario del Ejército nicaragüense podría evidenciar la llegada de nuevos pertrechos desde Rusia, fruto del acuerdo suscrito entre ambos países en 2013 para fortalecer y modernizar al Ejército de Nicaragua.


8/31/14 | Blog
Colombia Officials Continue to Signal Major Changes in Drug Policy

On August 22, in the first of ten drug policy forums to be held around the country, Colombian Justice Minister Yesid Reyes expressed his belief that the nation must find "more efficient" policies than prohibition and imprisonment...

8/29/14 | Blog
Week in Review - August 29, 2014

Middle East and North Africa

  • As the Islamic State (IS) strengthens its positions in Iraq and Syria, the United States and several European countries have begun...
8/26/14 | Blog
Bonilla’s New Role Raises Questions for U.S.-Funded Police Trainings in Honduras

Honduras' former police chief, who was dismissed amidst allegations of involvement in death squads, has been working as the...

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