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12/09/14 to 12/10/14 | Event

The 2014 summit will seek to build consensus for action on a range of issues, from protecting the rights of LGBT people everywhere, to aligning U.S. counterterrorism policy with respect for human rights, to securing U.S. support for human rights defenders fighting for freedom around the globe....

12/03/14 | Event

A World in Crisis: The Need for American Leadership

11/20/14 | Event

In Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Homeland Security journalist Todd Miller tells, with graphic detail, an alarming story of the U.S. Border Patrol and Homeland Security’s ever-widening, militarized...


10/22/14 | Policy Statements
PHANTOM MENACE: The Myth of American Isolationism.
The problem is that isolationism—as commonly understood—not only doesn’t fit American foreign policy today, it doesn’t even fit American foreign policy in the 1920s and 1930s. There are plenty of valid critiques of how the United States comported itself on the world stage between World War I and...
10/21/14 | News
Más de 3,000 salvadoreños han sido asesinados este año
En lo que va del 2014, la violencia se ha cobrado la vida de 3,077 salvadoreños, de acuerdo con las estadísticas de la Policía Nacional Civil (PNC), que fueron develadas hoy por el subdirector de la corporación, Howard Cotto.
10/21/14 | News
Puntos ciegos en fronteras facilitan trata de personas
El Policía Nacional y el Ejército deberán ser más beligerantes en los puntos ciegos del país, para evitar el delito de trata, según pidieron representantes de más de 50 organizaciones que participaron en las consultas a la Ley Especial e Integral Contra la Trata de Personas, en Estelí, Chinandega,...


10/17/14 | Blog
Week in Review - October 17, 2014

The Egyptian government denies carrying out airstrikes against militants in Libya, Mali has reportedly become the most dangerous country in the world for U.N. Peacekeepers, Mexican activists have threatened to bring the country to a standstll over the unsolved disappearance of dozens of students...

10/10/14 | Blog
How Can the United States Help Colombia Achieve Peace? A How-To from the Latin America Working Group

The Colombian government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas are advancing steadily in negotiations in a peace process that could bring an end to 50 years of brutal conflict. They have already reached agreement on three of six “chapters” of a final accord, on rural...

10/10/14 | Blog
Mexico’s Disappearances Point to Ongoing Institutional Crisis

Following the recent disappearance of dozens of students outside the town of Iguala, in Guerrero State, Mexico, a mass grave was uncovered containing dozens of bodies - burned so badly the government has said it would take weeks to complete full forensic analyses.

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