Quick Facts

Area in square km 1,138,910
Corruption Perceptions Index ranking 94 (out of 177) (2013)
Defense Expenditure as % of GDP 3.4% (2013)
Defense expenditure in dollars 13,003,000,000 (2013)
Per capita GDP in dollars 11,100 (2013)
Population 46,245,297 (2014)
Size of armed forces 281,000 (2013)
U.S. military personnel present 50 (2014)

Colombia at a glance

Military & Police Aid $193,169,359 (2015)
Humanitarian & Development Aid $152,273,749 (2015)
Arms Sales $1,173,661,251 (2013)
Trainees 4,464 (2013)
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Military vs. Economic Aid

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. security and humanitarian & development assistance provided to this country. For a dollar amount breakdown of how much aid this country receives and which programs are supplying assistance, click "view data set." Note: This year's figures reflect the U.S. government's estimates of expected spending, and numbers for next year represent the administration's request to Congress.
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Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about the United States' training of this country's security forces. For information about how the number of security forces trained each year by the United States, including detailed information about the subject of the training, where that training takes place, and who is being trained, click "view data set."
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Arms Sales

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. arms sales to this country. For detailed information on equipment, weapons and military services sold to this country, click "view data set." Note: This is not grant aid: these are items that governments purchase with their own funds.
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1/7/15 | Blog
At Year’s End, It’s Clear: This Peace Process Is For Real

After years of backing for the country’s war effort and free trade deal, Obama administration officials, diplomats, U.S. Southern Command, and investors have deep contacts with some of Colombia’s most prominent peace skeptics. It’s time to encourage them, if not to embrace the process...

12/5/14 | Blog
House Agrees to Seven New DoD Foreign Security Assistance Programs

Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015. The bill is identical to the recently...

11/11/14 | Blog
Latin America Security By The Numbers Update

The latest Comparative Atlas of Defense and Security in Latin America, by the Network of Security and Defense in Latin America (RESDAL), found that approximately 106,415 women serve as soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen in the region, making up about 10.06 percent of all armed forces. Click...



1/23/15 | News
Colombia Adds 32 Combat Vehicles Near Border With Venezuela
Colombia has incorporated 32 Canadian-built bulletproof combat vehicles into a new tactical unit stationed close to the border with Venezuela.
1/22/15 | News
Colombia's Peace Process Also Faces Environmental Challenges
The United Nations Office in Colombia on Wednesday released a report on the environmental challenges of Colombia’s peace process, especially of the post-conflict period once a final accord is achieved.
1/21/15 | News
Colombian Government: Guerrillas Honoring Unilateral Ceasefire
Colombia saw its homicides drop 7 percent in 2014. Government and guerrilla negotiators will resume peace talks in Cuba on Feb. 2.

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