Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean at a glance

Military & Police Aid $622,936,000 (2016)
Humanitarian & Development Aid $1,580,605,000 (2016)
Arms Sales $1,161,135,925 (2015)
Trainees 14,600 (2014)
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Latin America and the Caribbean

Military vs. Economic Aid

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. security and humanitarian & development assistance provided to this country. For a dollar amount breakdown of how much aid this country receives and which programs are supplying assistance, click "view data set." Note: This year's figures reflect the U.S. government's estimates of expected spending, and numbers for next year represent the administration's request to Congress.
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Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about the United States' training of this country's security forces. For information about how the number of security forces trained each year by the United States, including detailed information about the subject of the training, where that training takes place, and who is being trained, click "view data set."
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Arms Sales

Security Assistance Monitor tracks all available data about U.S. arms sales to this country. For detailed information on equipment, weapons and military services sold to this country, click "view data set." Note: This is not grant aid: these are items that governments purchase with their own funds.
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5/17/16 | Blog
Unexamined Risks: The Pentagon’s Military Aid Abroad

Since September 11, the U.S. government has overseen a massive expansion in Pentagon-funded aid to foreign security forces, moving from $800 million in FY 2001 to more than $10.8 billion in FY...

3/30/16 | Blog
Recommendations for U.S. Policy towards El Salvador

The United States should ensure that its aid and diplomacy towards El Salvador supports a balanced, rights-respecting approach to El Salvador’s citizen security crisis.

3/30/16 | Blog
How U.S. Policy & Aid to El Salvador Can Help Not Hurt

The solutions to El Salvador’s security problems are neither easy, nor immediate. It will be a long and difficult road for El Salvador to address the issues at the core of the violence and insecurity ravaging the country. But there are things that can be done to improve conditions in the short...



5/27/16 | News
Colombia confirms Spanish reporter is being held by guerrilla group
Colombian Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas has confirmed that one Spanish and two Colombian reporters who went missing a few days ago are in the hands of the guerrilla group Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN).
5/27/16 | News
Latin America's Top Human Rights Organization Is Broke — And It's Blaming the Region's Governments
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has warned that it is in the middle of a "severe financial crisis" that will require drastic cuts, which will heavily impact its ability to attend to victims across the continent.
5/27/16 | News
Central American and U.S. Firefighters Conduct Joint Training in Honduras
A major training program was held at the Enrique Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, when the Central America Sharing Mutual Operational Knowledge and Experiences Exercise brought together representatives of fire brigades from seven Central American nations from April 16th-23rd for a joint training...

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06/02/16 | Event

Oil markets continue to be in a state of flux with many governments and companies adjusting their behavior to weather low prices and consider the policies and investments that serve their long-term interests. Amos Hochstein and Ali Moshiri will discuss the policy and commercial implications of...

06/06/16 | Event

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute is pleased to invite you to our event "Mexico Today." The event will discuss the current status of Mexico's reforms, what issues remain to be addressed, and what are the obstacles heretofore. In particular, the panel will discuss how much NAFTA has...