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A Defense Department assistance program that provides financial support for non-NATO members to participate in the Partnership for Peace defense cooperation program.

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The Wales Initiative formerly known as the Warsaw Initiative Fund (WIF) was first established in 1994 to fund the Partnership for Peace (PfP), a program focused on increasing defense cooperation between NATO and non-NATO member states in Europe and Central Asia. In July 1994, President Bill Clinton announced his commitment to provide U.S. assistance to new democratic countries for the purpose of advancing Partnership for Peace goals, which led to development of the Warsaw Initiative program. Jointly managed by the Departments of State and Defense, the assistance program seeks to advance closer relations and military interoperability between NATO and countries committed to democratic principles. The WIF focuses on reform of defense institutions in partner countries to reflect the Euro-Atlantic model; enhancement of partner capacity to contribute to NATO and U.S. operations; promotion of NATO cooperation and integration; and assurance of peacetime and contingency access for related forces. The largest implementers of WIF activities are the combatant commands (U.S. Central Command, Europe Command, and Joint Forces Command), which use the funding for military exercises and other military contact programs. The Office of the Secretary of Defense is responsible for the development, coordination and oversight of policy and other activities. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) manages the program and provides the funding to different implementing components. As PfP membership has declined, funding for the WIF program has dropped from an average of $43 million annually through 2005 to $29 million between 2006 and 2010.

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