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The Defense Institute of International Legal Studies enables the Department of Defense to promote institutional legal capacity through resident courses and mobile activities.

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The Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) is a Defense Department organization located at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. DIILS plans and executes professional legal education and international engagement focused on human rights, international humanitarian law, and the law of armed conflict. DIILS is one of several Defense resources that support the conduct of U.S. foreign policy through security cooperation. DIILS travels to partner nations to conduct courses, seminars and workshops for international military officers, legal advisors, and defense-sector civilians. DIILS offers nine resident courses for international military officers and civilians at their home base in Newport. DIILS works with nations where the U.S. Government has a strategic interest in enhancing the rule of law, civilian control of the military, accountability, transparency and democracy. They help partner nations enhance their military justice system; build accountability and transparency into existing legal structures in order to combat corruption, terrorism, and trafficking; explain international human rights law and humanitarian standards; or share legal lessons learned from our deployments with units preparing to deploy to overseas contingency operations.

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