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The Aviation Leadership Program is a Defense Department program that provides undergraduate  education and training to personnel of friendly, less-developed foreign air forces.  

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The Aviation Leadership Program (ALP) was established to provide pilot training, related training and information exchange to air force personnel in allied developing states with the purpose to support their aviation expertise and defense institution building. Authorized by Section 1178 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1994 and reinforced by Defense Department Directive Number 2010.12, ALP funding is drawn from Air Force funds. In coordination with the State Department and the Defense Security Assistance Agency, the Air Force must submit countries for approval of training. The Unified Combatant Commands are also permitted to submit a list of prioritized countries to receive training. Additional training permitted under this authority includes language training and programs “necessary to promote better awareness and understanding of the democratic institutions and social framework of the United States.” The law also allows the provision of clothing and supplies to the trainees, as well as a living stipend. The program was created recognizing that such efforts could promote U.S. national security interests and improve bilateral relations with recipient countries.

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