A citizen's guide to U.S. security and defense assistance


In addition to interactive datasets, we provide analysis and access to extensive resources about the United States’ security relationship with the countries and people of Africa, Central Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa.

On this website you will find:

  • An interactive dataset providing data from 2000 to the present on the United States’ military and police aid, training programs, and arms sales to the rest of the world. We also track data on U.S. humanitarian and development aid to compare against the level of U.S. military and police aid.
  • An extensive resource database catalogues relevant policy statements, legislation, news, and more. Use this as your source for information on what others are saying about U.S. global security policy, whether in the U.S. Government, the U.S. Congress, other governments, or NGOs.  
  • Expert analysis highlights trends and offers perspectives U.S. security policy worldwide. Our blog offers timely analysis and contextualization of current events and the data found in our datasets. Fact sheets shine light on relevant events and U.S. policies. Our publications provide a more in depth look at and analysis of the trends in U.S. security policy worldwide.  
  • A calendar presents upcoming public events, hearings, official travel, reporting deadlines and more. (Coming soon!) 
  • An image gallery presents public-domain photos depicting U.S. engagement with the world, taken mostly from official U.S. government online sources. (Coming soon!)

Stay Current:


6/23/15 | Fact Sheets
U.S. Security Assistance to Middle East at Highest Since Iraq War's End

This inforgraphic is a snapshot look at U.S. military and police aid as well as arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa region, highlighting the increase in aid over the past few years in aid and steady increase in arms deliveries since 2009.

6/17/15 | Blog
U.S. Security Assistance to Middle East at Highest Point Since Iraq War's End

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is holding a hearing on June 17, 2015 on U.S. Policy and Strategy in the Middle East and in preparation for the hearing, Security Assistance Monitor has created an inforgraphic to illustrate the significant increase in assistance to the region in the last few...

6/16/15 | Blog
Latin American Security By the Numbers Update: June 16, 2015

A Numerical Recap of Latin America's Current Security Situation.



7/1/15 | News
Egypt Apparently Acquiring NH90 for FREMM Frigate
Egypt is reportedly seeking to acquire a single NH90 multimission helicopter for its new FREMM frigate, which was transferred by DCNS to the Egyptian flag on 23 June.
7/1/15 | News
The U.S. Military Should ‘Go Small’ to Defeat ISIS
Static, fortified bases cede the initiative to the enemy. Unconventional and light is the better approach—even if it carries a higher degree of tactical risk.
7/1/15 | News
Egypt's Sinai Rocked by Wave of Deadly Attacks
Islamic State militants have launched a wave of attacks on the security forces in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula. The military said 10 soldiers had been killed or wounded along with 39 "terrorists" in near-simultaneous raids on checkpoints near Sheikh Zuweid. But security and...

Upcoming Dates

07/01/15 | Event

Please join us for a discussion on state fragility in Africa as we examine its underlying causes and seek to identify strategies for building resilience in fragile states. The session will serve as the launch of a new IMF paper, "Building Resilience in Fragile States in Sub-Saharan Africa." CSIS...

07/01/15 | Event

In Turkey’s June 7 parliamentary election, the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is considered the big winner, exceeding expectations by not only crossing the 10 percent threshold for the first time but also by gaining almost 13 percent of the national vote. This outcome has raised...

07/07/15 | Event

Securing the Middle East after an Iran nuclear deal is the region and the world’s next big challenge. The United States and its allies have engaged in tireless diplomacy with Iran over the past few years to produce an agreement that would limit Tehran’s nuclear program for the next decade and a...