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11/7/19 | Fact Sheets
Issue Brief: Suspension of Lebanon's U.S. Security Assistance

An overveiw of the reported decision to withold U.S. security assistance to Lebanon

11/3/19 | Fact Sheets
Security Assistance in Focus: Tunisia's Tier 1 Counterterrorism Company

An overview of Section 333 security assistance provided to Tunisa's Tier 1 Counterterrorism Company

10/23/19 | Blog
Then and Now: Distribution of U.S. Security Assistance in the 21st Century

As U.S. policy priorities evolve, the distribution of billions of dollars of U.S. security assistance follows suit. This analysis illustrates how different regions have taken bigger or smaller slices of the security assistance pie.


Sam in the News

12/3/19 | News
Naval maneuvers from China, Iran and Russia
In this article, program & research associate Elias Yousif was quoted on recent joint military exercises between China, Iran, and Russia.
11/10/19 | News
Ron Johnson: Trump Advisers Had To ‘Convince’ President To Send Ukraine Aid
SAM's data is cited in this piece discussing the impeachment inquiry and the amount of security assistance Ukraine receives. Read More
10/25/19 | News
US Military Aid to Lebanon Continues Amid Protests
SAM's analysis is cited in this article discussing the Defense Department's decision to continue sending military aid to Lebanon as nationwide demonstrations continue. Read More

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05/22/18 | Event

The inaugural Forum on the Arms Trade annual conference, "Taking Aim: A Closer Look at the Global Arms Trade," is a half-day event that will take place at the Stimson Center on May 22, 2018. The conference will feature leading experts, journalists, and members of civil society and the government...

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