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In addition to interactive datasets, we provide analysis and access to extensive resources about the United States’ security relationship with the countries and people of Africa, Central Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa.

On this website you will find:

  • An interactive dataset providing data from 2000 to the present on the United States’ military and police aid, training programs, and arms sales to the rest of the world. We also track data on U.S. humanitarian and development aid to compare against the level of U.S. military and police aid.
  • An extensive resource database catalogues relevant policy statements, legislation, news, and more. Use this as your source for information on what others are saying about U.S. global security policy, whether in the U.S. Government, the U.S. Congress, other governments, or NGOs.  
  • Expert analysis highlights trends and offers perspectives U.S. security policy worldwide. Our blog offers timely analysis and contextualization of current events and the data found in our datasets. Fact sheets shine light on relevant events and U.S. policies. Our publications provide a more in depth look at and analysis of the trends in U.S. security policy worldwide.  
  • A calendar presents upcoming public events, hearings, official travel, reporting deadlines and more. (Coming soon!) 
  • An image gallery presents public-domain photos depicting U.S. engagement with the world, taken mostly from official U.S. government online sources. (Coming soon!)

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5/28/15 | Blog
The Law That Helps the U.S. Stop Heinous Crimes by Foreign Militaries

An increasingly well-known U.S. human rights law barring American military assistance to foreign security forces that commit crimes like murder, kidnapping, rape, and torture has played an important role in encouraging Central and South American countries to crack down on these crimes.

5/27/15 | Blog
Pentagon Set to Increase Military Aid to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Following the State Department’s budget request to boost military aid to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine for FY 2016, the Defense Department appears to be following suit with a request to...

5/22/15 | Blog
How U.S. Aid can Help a Post-Peace Accord Colombia

U.S. faith leaders have stated their support for the peace process in Colombia, and they have some recommendations for how the U.S. can adjust its aid to help the country’s effort for peace. On Monday, 32 faith-based leaders...



5/28/15 | Policy Statements
Advisers Say Afghan Air Force Advancing, Continuing to Grow Capability
The U.S. advisers say the progress they see every day working with the Afghan air force is rewarding. “The one thing that motivates me is seeing them succeed,” said Staff Sgt. David Rasmussen.
5/28/15 | Policy Statements
USS Kauffman, US Coast Guard Team Intercept Narcotics
In collaboration with the U.S. Coast Guard, the guided-missile frigate USS Kauffman (FFG 59) interdicted 1,775 kg of cocaine, worth an estimated wholesale value of approximately $59 million.
5/28/15 | Policy Statements
United States Announces $18 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance for Ukraine Crisis
The U.S. is providing $18 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help those affected by Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. With this new funding, total U.S. humanitarian assistance to Ukraine has reached more than $61 million.

Upcoming Dates

05/28/15 | Event

When U.S. forces left Iraq in 2011, conventional wisdom held that Iranian influence there was self-limiting -- the more Iran pushed, the more Iraqis would push back. Yet four years later, Tehran's reach has only grown. Since the fall of Mosul last year, Shiite popular militias -- many under...

05/28/15 | Event

Please join the Atlantic Council and the Free Russia Foundation for the release of two independently produced reports: Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine and the English language release of Boris Nemtsov's, Putin. War.

05/29/15 | Event

Saudi Arabia's new geopolitical reality raises many questions and the Atlantic Council will provide the platform for dialogue in search of plausible answers.